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Asata Maisé Beeks is an artist living and working in Wilmington, Delaware.

Her work has had many transitions over the last decade. She began experimenting with garment making for herself, friends, and family which later evolved into one of a kind garments constructed from vintage and deadstock materials. After years of maintaining an underground following, she began receiving a plethora of mainstream recognition for her distinctive approach to hand crafted garments and accessories. Asata Maisé then operated as a brand for a short period before pivoting into a more personal approach to her practice. She is now exploring garment making as a reprieve from the everyday strains of capitalism and Western society taboos.

Selected publications: Vogue, Essence, W Magazine, Hypebae, ELLE, The Cut, The Coveteur, Byline, Cosmopolitan, GARAGE, Black Cherry Magazine, Hypeadjacent, Nylon, CFDA

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