Asata Maisé is an evolving sustainable clothing project. The designer chooses to ethically handcraft each piece and intends to be a participant & innovator in the collective shift towards circular consumption.

About the designer

     Asata Maisé learned basic sewing and garment construction when she was 14 years old. Garment making quickly become her favorite pastime during the remainder of her high school years. She began freelance designing in 2016 after a sequence of internships and jobs at Michael Costello Couture, Odd Future/Dystro, LLC, Diane von Furstenberg, and palmer//harding. Although accepted into notable universities, such as London College of Fashion, she opted for hands on experience in the industry. These opportunities placed her in the metropolitan cities of Los Angeles, London, and New York.


     The designer is a passionate history buff drawn especially to eras of social revolution. She believes we each have an obligation to be aware of the current issues in order to create solutions for a better future. This is reflected in the choice to use reclaimed and true vintage materials in the process of bespoke garment making. Her personal philosophy and immersion into diverse cultures has helped shape her learned experience into a niche of her own.

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