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About the designer

 Asata Maisé  considers herself an unconventional modern day couturier (a designer that produces high quality handcrafted clothing). For the past 13 years, Maisé has been committed to expressing her personal experiences, values, philosophies, and inspirations through the mediums of fashion and style. In the earlier days of her relationship with garment construction, she solely produced clothing for herself and loved ones. Maisé has seemed to always be in the right place at the right time, landing hands on experience in the fashion industry long before making a name for herself. Since 2009, she’s experimented with custom pieces, Depop sales, and, more recently, highly anticipated drops of undoubtedly recognizable clothing and accessories. Admirers flock to the online shop with hopes of being a select few to own an Asata Maisé piece. Each piece is carefully conceptualized, handcrafted, and packaged by the designer in her quaint studio currently based in her hometown. Maisé is constantly fine tuning herself, her work, and her approach, creating her own space in the fashion industry. Asata Maisé garments are just a reflection of the designer’s passionate commitment to personal development, inspiring others, and preserving a tradition that has become overlooked with the rise of fast fashion.


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