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In order of appearance:

Organic cotton terry cloth hoodie

Patchwork baguette handbag

Ivory box pleated twill skirt

Organic terry cloth scrunchie

Brown and ivory gingham pants constructed from vintage fabric

Patchwork pants constructed from vintage materials

Italian knit top, blouse, and pants

Ivory twill pants

Italian knit halter dress

Chartreuse Ponte de Roma dress

Marbled twill belt bag

Marbled twill cropped jacket

Reversible corset and skirt set constructed from a repurposed vintage curtain panel and navy linen

Press: Hypebae

Photographer, styling, garments: Asata Maisé Beeks

Models: Carli, Hannah Poon, Xander Opiyo, Elliott Scott

Asata Maisé © 2023
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