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Fall/Winter 2020


Nearly a year after completing my first collection (Spring/Summer 2019) and during the midst of a global pandemic, I finally took a break from displaying my work through a series of iPhone selfies to shoot some friends and local creatives in my most recent creations. Below is the press release I composed for this collection:

We are welcomed into the studio of modern day couturier, Asata Maisé, for Fall/Winter 2020. The designer reveals a new logo, a collaboration with artist Caroline David, and what she believes to be necessary wardrobe staples. The quintessential french terry hoodie (organic cotton, of course), subtle tones that mimic the season, and one off separates with just the right balance of color and print pair effortlessly with the whimsical typography of the designer’s initials. This drop showcases Asata’s niche of cultivating a refreshing take on nostalgia. There’s an overall sense of comfort displayed simultaneously with expansion. Asata chose to be behind the camera and shares the spotlight with some of her favorite local talent who also wear many creative hats. The signature exaggerated collars, patchwork, and vintage textiles have a refined feel this time around. She teases only two accessories-the highly coveted baguette and the new belt bag-while focusing on clothing for everyone who wants to wear it. No matter what direction the designer chooses to go in, she proves that she will not disappoint.

Photography, Garments, Styling: Asata Maisé Beeks

Models: CarliHannah PoonXander OpiyoElliott Scott

Asata Maisé Beeks © 2024
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