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This group of 36 handbags was carefully crafted from a large piece of vintage fabric that was sourced in nearly perfect condition. Although every bag was made from this fabric, each one was cut to ensure none are exactly the same, remaining true to the identity of Asata's work.


Everfast was originally named Portco, Inc. and was incorporated in Delaware in 1936. Portco changed its name several times before becoming Everfast, Inc.


The original Everfast company owned and operated five retail fabric stores, called Everfast Mill store, sold discount fabrics such as home decorating and apparel fabrics.


In 1970, Everfast acquired Funwood, Inc., a wholesale operation distrubuting home decorating fabrics to its franchised, and later company-owned, Calico Corner stores. Calico is a high quality retailer of home decorative fabrics and provides design and custom labor services. Today, they have 75 stores across the US and a corporate office and distribution center located in Kennett Square, PA. 

In order of appearance:

Baguette handbag constructed from a deadstock 1960's textile from Everfast Mills

Organic cotton t-shirt handmade and hand embroidered with "Elegance"

Selvedge denim jeans

Printed mesh turtleneck

Box pleated brown linen skirt

Chocolate knit blouse and pants set

Brown gathered mesh full length dress

Bikini constructed from a donated vintage fabric

Brown linen corset and pants set

Knit patchwork dress constructed from vintage sweaters

Photography: Lauren Daccache

Model, garments, styling: Asata Maisé Beeks

Hair: Bria

Location: Friends of Form

Asata Maisé © 2023
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