There is much sentiment throughout this body of work. I consider it to be my best attempt at translating my emotions through the medium of fashion and garment construct. The collection is centered around the Baguette handbags, this time curated from a deadstock fabric with history tied to my home state of Delaware. I lean into classics, such as the white t-shirt and selvedge denim jeans, a warm color palette, and the internal sense of sensuality that has taken over every part of my being. The setting is ideal, a studio full of precious vintage furniture with enough natural light to make a cold room feel cozy. Lauren Daccache captured me with her keen eye of intimacy; I'm in my most vulnerable state wearing my own work. 

Photography: Lauren Daccache

Model, Outfits, Styling: Asata Maisé Beeks

Hair: Bria

Location: Friends of Form

Asata Maisé © 2022