In my teenage years, I used my amateur sewing skills to create clothing I otherwise couldn't afford. Over the years, I've continued to refine this early practice of mine.


In these photo I’m wearing a chestnut brown silk linen (also called silk Matka) suit that I handmade based off a vintage Issey Miyake pattern. The structure and texture of the suit are complimented by cubical Bakelite buttons (a type of plastic patented in 1907 & discontinued in the 40’s). A new style of handbag that I’ve been working with, handmade by me as well, from a rescued piece of leather. Both the suit and bag are lined with deadstock fabric. These images were taken in & near my home and in front of local shops. The throw on my bed belonged to my great-great Aunt Cora.


Photo + editing: Donavan Burt

Hair: Ciara

Makeup, styling, direction: Asata Maisé Beeks

Asata Maisé © 2022