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Spring/Summer 2019

During a personal hiatus in early 2019, I began reflecting more on my work and my current inspirations. I was moving at a slower pace, spending more time outdoors, and surrounding my home environment with a variety of earth elements. Until that point in time, I solely created one-off pieces. I dreamed of having a wardrobe that was cohesive and incredibly personal. That's how this body of work began. A few months later, Anyezah Richards (also known as Corey Banana) and I left for Greece. The photos for this collection were completely impromptu as we walked around Santorini and Athens with the garments stuffed in a Jansport backpack. To this day, I am still impressed with the outcome of the photos, although I have many critiques on how I wish the styling were better executed. This first collection was a personal milestone, proving to myself that I can, indeed, see something through to the very end.

Model: Anyzeah "Corey Banana" Richards

Garments, Jewelry, Accessories, Photography, Styling: Asata Maisé Beeks

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