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Spring/Summer 2019

During a personal hiatus in early 2019, I began reflecting more on my work and my current inspirations. I was moving at a slower pace, spending more time outdoors, and surrounding my home environment with a variety of earth elements. Until that point in time, I solely created one-off pieces. I dreamed of having a wardrobe that was cohesive and incredibly personal. That's how this body of work began. A few months later, Anyezah Richards (also known as Corey Banana) and I left for Greece. The photos for this collection were completely impromptu as we walked around Santorini and Athens with the garments stuffed in a Jansport backpack. To this day, I am still impressed with the outcome of the photos, although I have many critiques on how I wish the styling were better executed. This first collection was a personal milestone, proving to myself that I can, indeed, see something through to the very end. Below is the original text that accompanied the limited print of a physical lookbook:

My work is my perception and appreciation of beauty. It is an innovative nod to the past and tradition. I strive to be authentic and inclusive in the many ways I choose to create. This is my way of contributing to collective evolution. My self expression manifests in various forms. Over the years, I've gravitated more towards garment and textile design. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted with a focus on sustainability and practicality. Born and raised in the quaint city of Wilmington, Delaware, I turned to garment construction as a personal haven. What began as an innocent attempt to enhance my personal wardrobe, turned into my life’s focus. Traveling and exploring worlds outside of my own expanded my perception of life itself. Throughout my journey, I’ve gained inspiration from and appreciation for the human experience reflected in art and our history. Over time, my appreciation became more significant and thus my aesthetic was born. Endless hours  rummaging for second hand items in LA and NYC, getting lost in awe on Brick Lane in London on Sundays, and  an impromptu trip to Greece have particularly impacted this project. This collection is for the young and worldly woman with no fear.

Model: Anyzeah "Corey Banana" Richards

Garments, jewelry, accessories, photography, styling: Asata Maisé Beeks

Asata Maisé © 2023
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