When will you restock?

Most items require a lengthy process of handcrafted production. Each piece could take days to months to complete. Therefore, items are added when the creative process is finished and the item is ready to ship. In the meantime, feel free to join the waitlist.

Something I had my eye on has sold out. Can you make another?

Each piece is handmade from sustainably sourced, often reclaimed, materials. It is rarely possible to recreate a piece due to the limited quantity of those materials. However, similar items may be available in the future.

I love this garment but it isn't my size. Are alterations possible?

Custom alterations are sometimes possible. Please contact the designer at info@asatamaise.com with all measurements and further questions.

How should I clean my garment?

It is highly suggested that you spot clean any soiled garments and take them to a trusted professional dry cleaner. This will help maintain the integrity of the garment or accessory you have invested in.

What is your refund/return policy?


Due to the limited nature of each item, all sales are final. Please read all descriptions thoroughly before purchasing.

May I place a custom order?

Due to the recent influx of inquiries,  custom orders are not accepted at this moment. This may change in the near future.

Why was I refunded for my order?

In rare cases, the same item was purchased by someone else a few seconds before you did. In this circumstance, the order that is placed in the system first will be honored and you will be refunded immediately.

All inquiries may be sent to info@asatamaise.com